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Dale Hyde is a noted pagan author who is also a Wiccan High Priest with a coven.  He is the author of many pagan related articles as well as various other articles that span many topics.  He never attempts to hide any knowledge he possesses from those who contact him.  Dale is published on various websites and enjoys a large online following.  Below is more about Dale:

*Has studied many different spiritual paths over the years.

*Was was raised “Christian” in a very loose sense…no church was mandated…but basic Christian beliefs were taught.

*Studied Native American traditions and beliefs for well over two years with Chief Two Trees in Old Fort, North Carolina. 

*Studied the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism under Gurymayi Chidvilasanda for    four years.

*Currently he is on a path he refers to as Celtic Shamanic Wicca… a very eclectic mix for him, that works well with Celtic traditions, Native American Traditions, and of course Wicca. He does not see leaving this Path, as it has been his Path for many years now.

*He reads the Tarot cards using a deck called The Well Worn Path…. a Wiccan Deck.

*Married to Esta Weiss, Hight Priestess, pagan artist, jewelry craftsman, and author. 

To view Dale's other articles go up there in the upper right of this page, "Also Follow Me On," and click on the fifth icon "Dale Hyde's Website"  which will take you to his personal blog.

If you have any questions for Dale, please do not hesitate to message him. 

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